Heart to Heart


Neither me nor anyone in this world chooses to be sad. Whatever the reasons, there's no turning back. The only way to survive is crying. My heart doesn't lie. It's not blind. Just tell me the truth. i'm sick and tired of pretending. I can't take it anymore. i don't deserve this.....maybe.

I'm waiting for another chance, to make everyone happy. I'm waiting for happiness and it's just another disappointments come. yes, i deserve this. i'm not a mysterious girl with a bundle of secrets. i'm human too. maybe you forget that i have heart too.

i feel alone and empty. so lonely. a bestfriend? no. i have nobody here. i am in a class full of friends and i feel as though i am by myself. i want to cry. i wish to express what i fell deep inside my heart but......nobody cares. nevermind.

i let my pain fade away. i keep the blades out of sight. nobody could hear my cries at night. nobody could see the pain i was feeling. i designed my mask to hide the lies and designed my mask to laugh....

Behind all the smiles were the tears. Everything you think you see, it's fake. It's not me. i'm still searching, searching for the thing that will stop my crying, searching for someone who will erase my fears, searching for someone who will wipe my tears.

how long can i fight? :'(

Oh God, please give me more strength. i just need a bestfriend, who will listens to all my stories and who will feel incomplete without me. day by day, i'm slowly dying. i couldn't go on. i wish one day i can smile, the real smile.

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